GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE

GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE
GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE
GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE
GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE
GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE

GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE

Ultimaxx Replacement Battery for GoPro HERO9 Black 1720 mAh x2. Ultimaxx Dual Battery Charger for GoPro HERO9 Black. Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter - 100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-064G-GN6MA. Ultimaxx Underwater Housing for GoPro HERO9 Black (50m/164ft Underwater).

Ultimaxx Silicone Case for GoPro HERO9 Black. ULTIMAXX GO PRO 3 WAY ADAPTER WITH HANDLE. ULTIMAXX Medium Carry Case for DJI Osmo Action and GoPro HEROs.

ULTIMAXX GOPRO HAND MONOPOD SELFIE. Ultimaxx Mini Suction Cup For Car For Gopro. High Speed SD/SDHC/Micro SD Reader/Writer.

GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle - MOTHER'S DAY SALE. Detailed List of Items Included. 23.6MP Sensor, 5K30 Video & 20MP Photos Live View Front Display/Rear Touchscreen Webcam Mode & 1080p Live Streaming HyperSmooth 3.0 Image Stabilization. Ultimaxx Replacement Battery for GoPro HERO9 Black 1720 mAh. Ultimaxx Replacement Battery for GoPro HERO9 Black 1720 mAh (x2). Rechargeable lithium- ion battery 3.85v 1720mAh. Battery status is displayed on the GoPro Hero 9. Works with GoPro Hero 9. Made with premium cells for longer lasting battery and no memory effect. LED light is red when it is charging and turns blue when fully charged. Includes the high speed charger and a micro USB cord.

Input Micro USB 5v/2A and USB Type C. Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets Transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s Rated A1 for faster app performance3 and UHS Speed Class U1 and Speed Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback1 Shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and X-ray-proof2.

Compatibility :Compatible with microSDHC and microSDXC supporting host devices. Ideal for water, winter sports and all other outdoor activities. Specially designed for GoPro 9 Action Camera.

Water resistant up to 50 meters. Large Shutter and Power Buttons.

Light and easy to carry. Professional Design: Designed for GoPro Hero 9 Black Action Camera, perfectly fits the camera body, providing full protection for the camera. Made of premium silicone rubber, durable and soft traps heat in improving battery life in cold conditions and prevent your camera sliding.

Perfect fit: Precise hole position, close fit, which is easy to use and remove. Manufactured according to the shape and structure of the camera, all concave and convex positions are accurately reserved for each function hole, and will not affect the normal use of the camera. Full Protection: Made of wear-resistant silicone material. Soft and comfortable, providing extra protection for your camera and lens.

Avoid scratching the camera surface to prevent dust from entering the camera and affecting screen clarity. ULTIMAXX GoPro 3-Way Adapter With Handle. 3-in-One design: can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for ultra versatility and a variety of shots. Handle doubles as a grip: the handle can be detached from the arm and used as a lightweight camera grip.

Tripod stored inside handle: Inside the handle is a small tripod that can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle Waterproof: designed for use in and out of water. ULTIMAXX Medium Carry Case for DJI Osmo Action. Carry Case keeps your DJI Osmo Action and GoPro and other small action cameras safe, organized and protected from scratches, shock, dust and other forms of damage! Easy to take when traveling! Elastic mesh pocket provides extra storage for cables and/or other accessories.

Custom cut-out Foam Interior compartments to accommodate and fit: Camera, Batteries, SD Card, Battery Case and other Accessories! GoPro Hand Monopod Selfie with Adapter. Collapses to 8.6 inches and extends all the way up to 39.37 inches giving you a full range of action camera shooting possibilities.

You can take close and wide angle shots while surfing, diving, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, hiking, camping traveling and much more. Easily interchange mounts with quick release camera and GoPro mount. Ideal GoPro Mount: For travel, family and friends reunions, trips, as well as hiking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing and kayaking/scuba diving, snorkeling.

No matter indoor or outdoor activities. It is perfect for above/underwater sports video record too. ULTIMAXX Mini Suction Cup For Car For GoPro.

Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more, Great for Apply to Car Windshield and Window as well as no dust, clean and smooth flat surfaces. Once applied, not affected by heat or cold. Ultimaxx Suction Cup Mount for GoPro is designed to fit all GoPros.

Suction cup mount provides a broad range of motion and stability. Simple and compact design, easy one press button install and release the suction cup.

Shoot hands free With your camera secured to your chest you can capture the action without having to hold the camera in your hands. Ultimaxx chest strap lets you wear all GoPro Hero cameras on your chest. One size fits most- Fully-adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes, including over large jackets.

Waist strap adjusts from 25 inches (slack) to 67 inches (at full stretch). Shoulder straps adjust from 18 inches (slack) to 54 inches (at full stretch).

The chest strap is suitable for mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, snorkeling and other outdoor sports. Compatible with: all GoPros and most action cameras. Tripod mount for attaching your quick-release GoPro Camera to a standard 1/4-20 tripod stud.

Often used for mounting on the tripod or a Monopod/Selfie Stick. Floating Handheld Bobber Grip for ALL GoPros. FEATURES: High quality, compact and lightweight, it mounts directly to your GoPro no adapter needed.

High visibility floating stick makes you easy spotting and retrieval. Perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming and other water sports.

Suitable for all GoPro cameras: GoPro HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, HERO5 Session, HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3 and most action cameras. SD/SDHC/Micro SD memory card reader/writer. Lens Cleaning Cloth made of soft micro-fibers is perfect for maintaining, and cleaning your camera, and binocular optics.

This DigiPower RF-STB10 stabilizer works with most GoPro cameras, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders and smartphones and features a padded hand grip for clear shooting with minimal camera shake and vibration. Compatible with most GoPro cameras: Plus most digital cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders and smartphones for wide-ranging use. Includes a smartphone adapter and a GoPro mount adapter for flexibility. Stabilizer: Helps minimize camera shake, so you can capture clear shots.

Aluminum material: Creates a durable, yet lightweight, design. Smooth gimbal: Along with adjustable counterbalance weights for optimal performance.

Padded hand grip: Helps you achieve a secure grasp. Adding a 23.6MP sensor and new key design and engineering features, GoPro upgrades its flagship action camera with more of everything with the rugged HERO9 Black, providing high-detail 5K30 video and 20MP photo capture alongside new collections of professional settings and practical functions. The front display, which in the previous HERO model showed status information, is now larger at 1.4 and offers a live view, allowing you to frame shots for vlogging and similar uses. A new HyperSmooth 3.0 digital image stabilization with in-camera horizon leveling lets you produce even smoother, more stable videos without a gimbal. While a full-on action camera, the HERO9 Black makes use of its immense feature set to also let you use it as a webcam and for 1080p Full HD live streaming, providing a comprehensive solution for all your action cam adventures and more in a robust design that's 33' waterproof without an external housing required. An optional dive housing can additionally be used to take the camera into much deeper waters. Another new addition is a suite of Power Tools features, including a feature called HindSight that, when turned on, allows you to record 30 seconds of video prior to your hitting the record button, ensuring you'll never miss that important unexpected moment at a ball game or other event. While all these features already combine to offer a powerhouse system, the HERO9 Black is further complete with many other features carried over from previous versions of the camera, some of which have also been enhanced. These include a large 2.3" rear touchscreen with touch zoom, raw photo and audio capture, time-lapse and night-lapse, 8x slo-mo, an advanced 100 Mb/s bit rate, three microphones with advanced wind noise reduction, Protune features with professional video and audio settings, 14 voice commands such as, "GoPro, take a photo, and much more. The HERO9 Black has a built-in, flip-out 2-prong mount on the bottom, letting you easily attach it to over 45 mounting accessories available from GoPro for all your applications, whether extreme sports or live streaming to Facebook.

Moreover, to further expand the functions of the camera, multiple optional add-on mods are offered, such as the Media Mod, which adds an external mic and additional mounting and signal output options for more of a multimedia workflow. With social media in mind, the camera also lets you switch into portrait mode to capture images in the format ideal for platforms such as Instagram.

The battery for the HERO9 Black has a 30% longer, 1720mAh capacity in comparison to the previous model's battery, allowing you to operate the camera for longer periods on a single charge. 5K Video Capture up to 5K30 resolution video and maintain high detail even when zooming in. Packing a new 23.6MP sensor, the HERO9 Black brings lifelike image sharpness, fluid motion, and in-camera horizon leveling for optimal image quality.

20MP Photo with SuperPhoto Shoot crisp, pro-quality photos with 20MP clarity. Apply SuperPhoto to automatically pick all the best image processing to easily get the right shot. Expandable Mods System The HERO9 Black is compatible with multiple add-on mods that expand the camera for a more comprehensive workflow. The optional mods include the Max Lens Mod, Light Mod, and Media Mod. Between these mods, you can achieve horizon locked footage, LED illumination, external mic recording, and more.

Built-In Mounting No more carrying a separate frame. Just flip out the folding fingers and attach your camera to virtually any mounting accessory. Front Display + Rear Touchscreen The rear touchscreen of the HERO9 Black is larger than in the previous model of the camera but offers the same familiar features, including touch zoom. The front display has also been upgraded and now shows a live preview in addition to status indicators. You can now frame your shot right from the front display. Powerful Battery The HERO9 Black's 1720mAh battery has a 30% longer battery life than the battery of the HERO8 Black.

HyperSmooth 3.0 The GoPro HERO9 Black features a more advanced video stabilization with HyperSmooth 3.0, which enables in-camera horizon leveling and boost in all settings. Horizon Leveling In-camera horizon leveling (up to 45% tilt) is now possible with the new Linear + Horizon Leveling digital lens, helping your footage stay stable and straight.

TimeWarp 3.0 Record time-lapse scenes as you move on the road, on foot, or anywhere else. TimeWarp 3.0 condenses time, capturing moments with features like Speed Ramp, which lets you select Real Speed (now with audio) or Half Speed while recording. Intuitive Touchscreen The rear touchscreen makes it easier to control your camera, frame up your shot, play back footage, snap a selfie, and more. Live Streaming in 1080p Live stream in 1080p HD to social media via the GoPro app with HyperSmooth stabilization applied, and feel free to save your streamed footage to a microSD card to check out later.

Webcam Mode Connect the HERO9 Black to your computer to broadcast in 1080p HD. Use optional GoPro mounts to create your ideal webcam setup. Rugged + Waterproof The HERO9 Black is designed rugged for virtually all weather conditions and is waterproof down to 33' right out of the box, without any waterproof housing required.

Power Tools The HERO9 Black features the Power Tools suite of smart capture settings that extend capture options with tools like HindSight, LiveBurst, Scheduled Capture, and Duration Capture. Power Tools HindSight HindSight captures video from 30 seconds before you press record, so you'll never miss a moment again, like that unexpected first base hit.

With HindSight turned on, the camera will capture 30 seconds of video before you hit the shutter button, and everything after, until you stop recording. Power Tools LiveBurst Record what happens 1.5 seconds before and after your shot, then pick your favorite single frame for the best pic or a shareable video.

Power Tools Scheduled Capture This feature lets you schedule the start time for your shot in advance. Power Tools Duration Capture Choose how long the HERO9 Black records before automatically stopping. Night-Lapse Video Shoot time-lapse videos at night in 4K, 2.7K 4:3, 1440p, or 1080p, all processed in-camera. Presets + Custom Presets The HERO9 Black comes preloaded with recommended video presets for Standard, Activity, Cinematic, and Slo-Mo shots. You can even create custom presets for quick access to your favorite settings.

Digital Lenses Epic shots are as easy as tapping a digital lens. Now you can switch between Narrow, Linear, Wide, SuperView, and Linear + Horizon Leveling. Voice Control Go hands-free with 14 voice commands like GoPro, take a photo. " Even if the camera is off, you can say, "GoPro, turn on. The HERO9 Black understands English (US, UK, AU, and India), Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish (EU and NA), and Swedish.

Portrait Orientation Capture photos and videos in portrait orientation for your Snapchat and Instagram. Timer Get yourself in the group shot or group video. Timer makes it easy to grab a GoPro selfie or get your whole gang in the frame. Raw Photo Raw mode provides the most flexibility in editing and is available for single- and multi-shot sequences as well as time-lapse and burst photos. 8x Slo-Mo Ultra high frame rate 1080p240 video with HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization allows up to 8x slow motion for this ever-popular effect.

USB Type-C Offload to Android Devices Transfer pics and videos fast via an included USB Type-C cable, compatible with Android devices. 100 Mb/s Bit Rate Create studio-quality footage with bit rate options of up to 100 Mb/s. HEVC Video Format Use High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) to shrink file sizes without losing picture quality. Data Overlays + GPS Showcase your location, altitude, and speed on your final image by adding Data Overlays to your videos in the GoPro app.

Options include Speedometer, GoPro logo, GPS Path, Altitude, Map, Speed chart, and G-Force. Note: You must enable GPS on your camera to add GPS Data Overlays to videos in the GoPro app.

Face, Smile, Blink + Scene Detection The HERO9 Black recognizes smiles, blinks, and more. The GoPro app uses those details to intelligently pick your best photos and videos to create impressive video stories.

GoPro App The app lets you control your camera remotely, start and stop recording, and offload media. Subscribe to GoPro Back up everything you shoot to the cloud automatically with an optional GoPro subscription, which also includes options for damaged camera replacement. The subscription service is available in select countries. Fast Charging Ready Get back out there faster.

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GoPro HERO9 Waterproof 5K Camcorder + EXT BATT + 64GB Bundle MOTHER'S DAY SALE