Shoei NXR Zork TC7 SALE New! Fast shipping

Shoei NXR Zork TC7 SALE New! Fast shipping
Shoei NXR Zork TC7 SALE New! Fast shipping
Shoei NXR Zork TC7 SALE New! Fast shipping

Shoei NXR Zork TC7 SALE New! Fast shipping

Shoei NXR - Zork TC7. In addition to safety, aerodynamics, clear vision, a ventilation system which truly performs as well as compact and light motion performance are required.

The NXR from SHOEI is the new pure sports full-face helmet for the modern rider who demands a world-class sports performance. The NXR boasts a newly designed shell - smaller in size, this new slim and light shape is realised through the use of a redesigned shell baseline on both sides. Three straight hole intakes in forehead - 4 outlets located inside parts realize air exhaustion that is improved upon from the XR-1100.

The reduction of wind noise has been improved by restraining the cause of noise. This has been achieved by the improvement of wind beading and utilising larger cheek and ear pads. The NXR utilises a completely new visor and base plate system.

While Shoei's world-renowned design for hassle free fitting and removing of the visor is maintained, the base plate can be adjusted front and rear by rotating a dial. 7 Sizes from XXS to XXL. Moisture Absorption Quick Dry Interior Fabric.

Advanced fabric with high moisture absorption and quick drying properties is used throughout all interiors. The NXR comes supplied with Pinlock Fog-Free lens. In the event of an accident, in can be difficult as well as dangerous for a third party to try and removethe helmet from a rider.

The NXR features Shoei's exclusive'Emergency Quick Release System'. By pulling this EQRS ring tab, a third party can remove the helmet's cheek pads and remove the helmet safely lowering the risk of further injury.

The NXR impact absorption liner consists of 2 liners in different hardness. In the event of impact the liner works in conjunction with the shell to absorb the energy of the imapct whilst protecting the rider. All new for the Shoei NXR.

Visor system is newly developed for NXR with favored injection molded visor made of polycarbonate. Curvature and thickness of newly developed CWR-1 visor are varied part by part to improve optical performance and realize natural and clear vision with minimum distortion. Ribs on top and bottom improve rigidity of a visor itself and eliminate bending of a visor by wind pressure or during opening or closing.

Down & Press Double Action', shown in drawing below, for visor opening and closing in variable axis realizes close contact with window beading by power of spring which is stronger than that of former model. While fully closed, a visor contacts with window beading closely and tilting of a visor by wind pressure is blocked, and so, high air tightness is realized.

Not only the visor but also the visor base is newly developed for NXR. Maintaining easy and firm fixing and removing of a visor, it allows fine tuning of visor setting easily by rotating a dial of a visor base. PINLOCK fog-free sheet in CWR-1 is standardized. Keep Cool with the NXR. Air intakes are placed in the centre of the forehead and both sides of the helmet for stable absorption of riding wind, this is esecially effective in a sports riding position.

Wind absorbed from the 3 intake holes goes directly to the inside liner giving real ventilation performance to the rider. Air outlets to improve performance are utilised to through 4 outlet holes inside to exhaust hot air effectively. An enhanced balance of air absorption and exhaustion achieves a high quality ventilation system, which cools all parts of the head evenly.

High Speed Riding splitting air with a rider and a motorcycle - the helmet attacks a wall of air. What is important an aero shape restraining resistance extremely. SHOEI advanced aero shape to a firm shape by repeating tests in large wind tunnel facility. Aerodynamics of a helmet affects directly a load on neck of a rider especially in high speed riding.

SHOEI is realizing a practical aero-shape restraining lift and shake in high speed riding through repeated wind tunnel experiments. A comfortable and lightweight fit is essential to modern sports riding.

The NXR achieves this goal through a completely new interior. The new cheek pad construction features a more aggressive lower line along the base of the shell.

This improves fit and provides a'softer' feel when wearing or removing the helmet. This reduces neck strain for the rider when looking behind.

The base line of the cheek pad improves comfort and reduces external noise. 3D Full Support Inner Tyep4 is applied to a center pad. While a soft textured raised fabric is applied to an area which touches skin during wearing and removing, an advanced material is applied to an area which needs to absorb sweat effectively. Soft fit and firm hold are realized by this combination of 2 different materials.

With red colored mesh material is used partially as an accent, sporty appearance is emphasized. Wind noise can be a major distraction to the rider over a long period of time - causing exhasution and loss of concentration. The Shoei NXR features a new aerodynamic shape, increased cheek pads and an air tight visor system to reduce the occurrence of wind noise.

Furthermore, removable ear pads applied inside the ear space contribute to restraining wind noise. These features can help reduce rider fatigue over a longer riding period. This Helmet is supplied with a Clear Visor and a Clear PinlockĀ® Insert as Standard. Helmet City is a Genuine UK Shoei stockist.

Shoei NXR Zork TC7 SALE New! Fast shipping